Managing volatility like a winding river

In the recent weeks we have seen the turbulence of the market heat up as the broader US markets gave up any positive returns they had for the year. We experienced our first technical “correction” since the late summer of 2011. Our office fielded many questions and concerns from you, our clients. As investment managers our primary focus is to protect the assets you have entrusted us with, and grow it according to the strategy we set forth with. Just like an expedition down a river we are your guide. At times the path is clear and we have smooth sailing. Then there are times like now when there is an unexpected bend in the river and we need all hands on deck for the unknown. What we do know is there are rewards for those who keep the disciplined strategy in mind. Here are five principles that can help you weather the storm and come through stronger than before: 1. Have a strategy 2. Be comfortable with your investments 3. Diversify 4. Don’t try to time the market 5. Invest regularly despite the market conditions. 

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5 Tips for Managing Financial Stress

Money is just one of those things that sometimes brings people as much pain as it does pleasure. As the economy in an up cycle of the recession, things are looking better but just the thought and uncertainty of an unstable economy is often enough to bring the fear back into people’s minds

Three Ways to Get More Done in a Day

You may have heard statistics or evidence that multitasking can actually make people less efficient. Actually, in many cases that’s true. Generally speaking, multitasking decreases the level of knowledge and understanding in a given task; and, sometimes it can lead to doing many things but not really accomplishing anything.

How to Select the “Right” Financial Advisor

Choosing a financial advisor is tough. There are generally a lot of options so how do you differentiate the crème de la créme of advisors who you can really trust to manage your hard-earned money?

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